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Areas of expertise


The work of the AP is of a high technical level and, in the case of these specific projects (ammonia heating and increased flow), they were accomplished in a short period of time. Always respecting values of SMS and reliability

Greison Silva

Engineering management and operational technical support - Petrobras

DOW noted that the PA's technical posture is being very well evaluated by our team, based on the suggestions and proposals that are being presented, in the NAD S7 project with a focus on constructive improvements and guarantees of ergonomic aspects

Tito Santos

Project Enginner - DOW Brasil

"Despite having pointed the price as a of the AP weakness, this value is justified by the organization and the company's prompt service. Therefore, the balance between costs and benefits has to be taken into account in any competition“

Leandro Almeida

Engineering - CCR Engelog

”TECBRIDGE had a significant cost reduction in the construction of the SCI of the tanks in Taquipe. Only by reviewing the executive project carried out by AP in relation to the project we received as a reference, we saved a considerable amount of concrete for construction work“

Yoshiri Makiyama

Engineering - TECBRIDGE

AP developed consultative engineering and architecture projects for the Químicos 1 unit, at the Petrochemical Complex of Camaçari Bahia, obtaining a good result in the activities related to the engineering project for living areas in the central hall and in the operational and utility rooms. The project generated a good result in the living area of the restaurant hall, where it was implemented as designed“

Marcio Cardoso

 Engineering - Braskem

”We are grateful to all of the AP for the work and professional dedication in responding to the demands of the projects, in all these years, especially in relation to the most urgent ones, led by the attendance to the ANP TC, when we could always count on the best possible service“

Nilton Barberino

Projects and Projects - TAG 

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