Our differential

Expertise in 30 years

When hiring an engineering partner, you need a company capable of delivering results according to your strategic objectives, mainly aligned with global trends. AP has developed a solid reputation in the last three decades, becoming one of the main Brazilian companies in the field of project engineering (what we currently call information engineering). Our company grew and prospered under the mantra of generating value for our customers, which resulted in a loyalty rate of more than 60%.

Excellence, creativity and innovation

Our main objective with operational excellence is to assure the reliability of our word when saying that we will "fulfill the agreement". With that in mind, we believe that opening up our strategy and what we are doing with our processes and technologies, will ensure greater certainty that what is being promised will be fulfilled. The "LEAN" culture of process improvement and technological innovation are our pillars of excellence. We are ISO certified, but that is only a consequence. Contact us to understand how we do it.

Objectivity. Project-oriented structure

With all engineering disciplines in-house with a low turnover rate, we are able to execute integrated and automated projects (digital twins) in an accelerated and more efficient way. Due to this structure, we feel completely prepared to respond promptly and with quality to immediate requests. If you do not understand your scope and need agility in demand, be sure that we are ready to deliver.

Digital Engineering

In our opinion, this is a topic that should be dealt with separately because of its significant importance. The AP has channeled energy in some specific themes as shown on the left and more than channeled, implanted in '' pilots ''. Our way of finding the best path for evolution in this theme, follows three steps: HYPERAWERNESS, INFORMED DECISION MAKING, FAST EXECUTION. Contact us and learn more..